A Montessori Learning Community

Founded in 1969, Bala House Montessori is a unique, vibrant, and diverse community. Each day young children bring distinctive gifts and boundless curiosity into their classrooms; parents give time, talent, and support; teachers cultivate a caring and nurturing learning environment where preschool and kindergarten children are respected, the curriculum is challenging, and classrooms are welcoming and peaceful.

These founding principles of respect, challenge and peacefulness are an integral part of our mission today and have guided administrators and teachers as they have shaped Bala House over the years. In addition to teaching traditional Montessori elements in child-centered classrooms, staff model and teach positive social skills and caring values. Our diverse community encourages children to discover themselves as individuals and explore the larger world around them; our strong school-family relationships have contributed to the development of a very special learning community.

Bala House Montessori is licensed by The Pennsylvania State Board of Private Academic Schools and the Department of Human Services, Office of Child Development. Bala House is a member of the American Montessori Society.

Bala House Montessori Mission

At Bala House Montessori, young children discover themselves as creative, independent learners in a diverse, supportive Montessori environment.

We believe that Bala House preschool and kindergarten students are in the process of becoming independent critical thinkers, peacemakers, protectors of the environment and responsible citizens. Our respectful classrooms foster these qualities.

We believe that children learn best when they are active participants in their own learning and are expected to work to their potential.

We believe that children need daily indoor and outdoor unstructured play.

We believe that children are elevated when given opportunities to focus attention on intellectual pursuits.

We believe the process, not the product, is the lifelong lesson.

We believe that when parents and teachers work together with their children, the Montessori philosophy can facilitate lifelong learning skills and strong self-esteem.

Bala House Montessori classrooms are based on the principle of respect:

Bala House Montessori Preschool Penn Valley Flags• Respect for the child
• Respect between children
• Respect for the process of gaining knowledge and skills
• Respect for individual and cultural differences
• Respect for the community
• Respect for the environment
• Respect for the teacher, parents and for the Montessori materials

Our Location

Bala House Montessori occupies a state of the art facility adjacent to St. Asaph’s Episcopal Church at the intersection of Conshocken State Road and St. Asaph’s Road in Bala Cynwyd. Bala House offers programs for children 3 to 6 years old living in the greater Philadelphia area.