Parents are delighted with Bala House Montessori!

Narberth Montessori StudentsNot having attended a Montessori school myself, I had some initial concerns about “Montessori”. Why are the classrooms so quiet? Is there room for creativity when each work must be done a particular way? Now in our third year at Bala House, we are completely thrilled with our daughter’s experiences. We’ve been impressed by the Montessori concept of learning through manipulation of materials, allowing each child to learn at her own pace. Diane and the staff have helped us understand how carefully each Montessori classroom and work is thought out. Our daughter is thriving at Bala House — learning about other cultures, learning to read, learning math, learning kindness and other social graces. She has progressed beyond our wildest expectations and enjoyed every minute of it.
Heather Dixon, Bala House Parent

For the past thirty years it has been impossible for me to drive past Bala House and not think of the wonderful time I spent there as a child. The freedom to learn and explore, with the guidance of dedicated and caring teachers, made for a meaningful educational experience that still serves me well today. Now, as a Bala House board member, I have the privilege of giving back to this remarkable place.
Emily Weisgrau, Bala House Alum

As a product of a Montessori education, I really value the independent thinking and reasoning skills which were instilled in me. These skills were invaluable to me and fundamentally contributed to my ongoing academic success. As a parent I wanted to provide the same for my child. I sought out the Montessori program at Bala House because I wanted my child to be open- minded, creative, and socially conscious and I wanted to make he sure had all the tools he needed for both academic and social success.
Raquel Rendon, Bala House Parent

What I value most about The Bala House is the care and attention given to developing the inner and outer child. The Bala House is like the missing piece to the puzzle. Everyone fits together perfectly.
Lynn Nichols, Bala House Parent

Parent Comments Reported During Our Strategic Planning Town Hall Meeting

“In the morning, when I drop off my child, it’s like dropping him off at his other home.”

“Keep your kids there for three years: it really clicks in the third year.”

“Your kid will blossom at Bala House: socially, intellectually, and spiritually.”

“The staff is passionate; it’s not a job for them.”

“It’s a real school.”

“Bala House is a real bargain.”

“The tuition is an investment in your child.”

“I expected my kid to get a good education, but I did not expect to be joining a wonderful community of parents.”

“My son’s public school teacher said, “We like Bala House kids. They’re responsible, independent, and ready to learn.”

“The tour sealed the deal.”

“My child is Bala House’s top priority.”

“Mommy, look at that tree and tell me what you see…”

“Bala House is a complete package (specials, Montessori, extended care).”

“Children flourish at Bala House.”

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