Early Childhood (3 – 6 years)

Bala House Montessori’s four early childhood classes are comprised of a mixed age group of preschool and kindergarten students who are between the ages of three and six years. Each class includes a full complement of Montessori materials and developmentally appropriate materials the teacher has decided can be used in the context of the Montessori free-choice work period. Materials are chosen to address the children’s individual stages of mental, physical and social development. In response to our growing awareness of the importance of social and emotional development, imaginative play materials such as dollhouses and building blocks have been included along with the Montessori materials in the classroom.

Early Childhood Montessori Classroom Distinguishing Factors

• A prepared environment, orderly and aesthetically pleasing, allowing the child to become an independently functioning person in his or her own world.
• The supportive role of the teacher, who observes and makes herself available to each child as needed, and presents lessons based on the observations of the child’s interests or needs.
• The highest degree of respect for each child, each co-worker and each family member–thus, extending our self-respect outward to the community.