Extended Care Activities

Day in the Life of an Extended Care Student

SAMSUNG7:45 am
Three year old Jimmy arrives at school with his dad, and they walk together to his classroom. Jimmy carries his lunchbox and sets it down on a shelf outside the room. He spends some time finding the hook with his name and hangs up his sweater. His dad hugs him good-bye and leaves. As Jimmy enters the classroom, he is welcomed by the teacher with a handshake and a “good morning Jimmy.”

8:00 am
Jimmy walks around the classroom while looking at the shelves and trying to decide what to do. He finally chooses watercolor paints from the art shelf. He puts on an apron and takes the placemat rolled up by the activity’s tray. He scans the room with his eyes to locate an empty place at a table. He finds one next to five year old Reanna, who is carefully sewing a button on a piece of fabric. Jimmy unrolls the placemat on the table and goes back to the shelf to pick up the tray with all he needs. He brings water in a little cup. He sits and paints a colorful picture. Anthony stands by his table and quietly observes Jimmy painting. “Nice,” he says, then walks away. Jimmy is done. He takes his picture and hangs it up to dry.

8:30 am
Jimmy goes into the library corner, sits, and takes out a book. Reanna joins Jimmy, and they sit side by side in the comfortable library chairs looking through the book silently. Then Reanna selects another book and reads to him.

9:45 am
Jimmy struggles to roll up his rug. Hope offers to help him. He agrees and she takes one side of the rug. They slowly roll the rug together. Jimmy puts his rug away, and Hope goes back to her work.

10:00 am
The teacher, invites Jimmy, Tiffany, Louis, and Max to have a lesson on the geometric solids. She asks Jimmy to bring a rug to the classroom’s open space. Jimmy carries the rug carefully, lays it on the floor, and unrolls it slowly. With a sweeping motion, he smoothes the rug with both his hands, and then he sits back on his heels and waits. The teacher thanks him and asks the other children to gather around the rug. Then the teacher takes the blue cube from the basket, touches it gently with her hands, and says, “Cube. This is the cube.” She offers the shape to Tiffany, who touches it and offers it to Louis, who offers it to Max. Max touches the cube and gives it to Jimmy who holds and touches the solid with enthusiasm while saying the name, “Cube!” The teacher presents the cone and the cylinder in the same manner. She then demonstrates how to put the cube and other solids gently into the basket. Jimmy rolls the rug and puts it away.

10:05 am
Jimmy feels hungry. He goes to the snack table where he finds plates, a basket of crackers, and a small card with the number 3 written on it. He washes his hands, puts 3 crackers on his plate, and pours water from a small pitcher into his cup. He sits at the table eating. When he is finished, he washes his plate, sponges the table, and sweeps the floor, leaving the snack area clean and ready for another child to use. The snack will remain set up for the rest of the morning work time.

10:30 am
The teacher rings a bell to signal clean-up time. Jimmy and his two friends clean up their blocks and join the teacher and other children at the circle.

10:40 am
The children sing songs and discuss the calendar together. They role play how to wait patiently when a teacher is working with another student. The teacher ends circle time by reading a story to the children.

11:00 am
The teacher calls the children two at a time to go to the bathroom, put on their coats, and line up to go outside to play. Jimmy and his two friends help a teacher cut flowers from the garden for flower arranging. The rest of the group enters our spacious, tree lined playground. They play tag, hula hoop, and kick balls. While swinging on the monkey bars, ome of the children sing a song that they learned during circle time. “We love this song,” they call out to their teacher.

11:30 am
The children of Hope’s class are called to line up for lunch. Hope waves good-bye to her new friend Gwen who is lining up with her class. They walk in line to the door. The teacher asks Jimmy to hold the door open for his classmates. As each child walks past Jimmy, they politely say, “Thank you Jimmy.”

11:45 am
The teacher asks the children to join her at the circle. She holds up name cards one at a time. The children quietly peer at the names. Upon reading their name, they either prepare for lunch or prepare for dismissal if their day ends at 12 pm.

11:55 am
Children staying for lunch wash their hands, gather their lunchboxes and placemats, and sit at the tables. They children open their lunchboxes, set out their food on placemats, unfold their napkins and place them on their laps, and then place their lunchboxes under their chairs. They sit, talk, and eat. Hope has a squeeze yogurt in her lunchbox. She tries to tear the top off, but it won’t come off. Reanna gets up and gets a pair of scissors and offers them to Hope. She cuts the end of her wrapper off then puts the scissors away. Hope notices Reanna using the apple slicer to cut her own apple and thinks to herself that she might bring an apple in her lunchbox tomorrow.

12:15 pm
The children finish lunch and begin to clean up. They put away lunchboxes, sweep, sponge their placemat and table, and put any leftover food in the trash. Hope reminds Reanna that apple cores can go into the trash.

12:30 pm
The teacher calls the children one at a time to line up to go outside to have some more fun on the playground. Outside, a teacher helps two children plant seeds in the garden, several friends dig in the sandbox and a group of boys and girls play soccer.

1:00 pm
Hope waves good-bye to two of her friends that leave midday, as she sees their parents come to pick them up. She then says good-bye to her 3 year old friend, Jimmy, who goes inside with a group of children to take a nap.

1:30 pm
Hope and her friends are called to line up to go back inside. When they enter the extended care classroom they are asked to sit on the circle. The teacher presents a simple science experiment to the children. The children are delighted to watch her mix red, yellow, and blue colored water to make orange, green, and purple. The teacher invites the children to try the experiment and shows them where it will be located on the shelf.

1:45 pm
Circle time is over and Hope and her friends decide to play in the dramatic play area. This week it is set up like a veterinary hospital. Hope pretends she is a vet and uses a stethoscope on a stuffed dog. Then she bandages the dog. Brandon pretends he is grooming another stuffed dog by placing him in the tub and scrubbing him. Next he talks on the phone to a customer while he is writes on the clipboard what type of medicines the dog needs. Four year old Lucy walks to the bell stand and picks up the striker. She very gently strikes the first bell. She listens to the sound of the bell until she can longer hear it. She does the same with the next two bells. The teacher comes over and asks if she can show her how to match the bells. They work on the first three bells, mixing them up then matching them to a control set of bells. The teacher does this first then offers the striker to Lucy. Lucy matches the bells easily. The teacher observes that Jonah, a three year old child, is watching Lucy match the bells. She asks Lucy to give him a lesson and Lucy agrees.

2:30 pm
In the nap room, the teachers gently wake up Jimmy and the other children that took a nap. In the extended care room, a teacher rings a bell. Hope and the other children clean up their work. They come and sit with the teacher in group. The teacher reads a story to the class.

2:45 pm
The teacher asks Hope to get her map, lunchbox and jacket. Hope lines up with the other extended care children that leave at 3 pm. They walk in a line to the red benches lined up outside the school.

3:00 pm
Hope’s mother pulls up in the car line. Hope says good-bye to her friends sitting on the red benches. The teacher helps Hope climb into her car and says good-bye. Hope’s mom pulls the car into a parking space and buckles her in. They are now ready to go home.

3:15 pm
After snack, Jimmy and the other nappers line up to join the other extended care kids on the playground. The teacher takes all the extended care children on a nature walk to collect acorns and pinecones. After they collect an entire bucket, Jimmy and his friend Alex decide to play basketball together.

4:00 pm
Jimmy and his friends are called to line up to go back inside. When they enter the extended care classroom they are asked to sit on the circle. The teacher shows them how to blow their noses as she noticed that there were several children with runny noses that day. Then they have News time. Each child shares what they will do on vacation.

4:20 pm
Jimmy and a group of children take out the bin of Lego pieces. They sit together talking and constructing various objects. Alice makes a beautiful castle. Jimmy assembles a rocket that he will fly around the universe. Jack builds the fastest car in the world.

4:45 pm
Jimmy walks around the classroom looking at the shelves. He finally chooses to do a pouring work. He carries the tray containing a sponge and two pitchers to a table. Slowly he pours water from one pitcher into the other. A little water spills, but he wipes it up with the sponge. When he is finished with the work, Jimmy places the items back on the tray and returns the tray to the shelf.

5:00 pm
The extended care children are asked to sit on the circle again for a snack and a story. The teacher asks Jimmy to pass out graham crackers to everyone. Jimmy turns to Alice and asks, “Would you like a graham cracker?” Alice responds, “Yes please.” Jimmy offers Alice the basket of crackers, and she takes one. Jimmy moves onto Frank and asks, “Would you like a graham cracker Frank?” Frank responds, “No thank you.” After Frank gives the rest of the group a graham cracker, he takes one for himself and sits down to listen to the story Caps for Sale. The children know the story well and are happy to chime in the various parts when invited by the teacher.

5:30 pm
The teacher asks the children to help tidy up the classroom. Jimmy tucks in several chairs, Sammy straightens the book shelves, and Alice sweeps the floor.

5:45 pm
Jimmy’s mom walks to the extended care classroom to pick him up. She greets Jimmy with a big hug and kiss. The teacher shares with her that Jimmy had a very busy afternoon. He built a very intricate rocket and collected a bucket of acorns and pinecones. Before they leave the room together, Jimmy’s mom signs him out and tells the teacher they are leaving. The teacher says goodbye to them, and Jimmy gathers together his watercolor, lunchbox, and jacket. He is ready to go home.

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