Life Skills and Conflict Resolution

Bala House Montessori aims for each student to develop:

• a positive attitude towards learning,
• social and emotional skills,
• habits of concentration and persistence,
• an abiding curiosity,
• habits of initiative,
• inner discipline and sense of order,
• sensory-motor skills which sharpen the ability to discriminate and judge,
• an appreciation for diversity of culture, and uniqueness of each individual,
• a concern for the environment and one’s own health, and
• one’s own innate, ultimate potential.

Conflict Resolution

We are a conflict positive school where problems represent opportunities for improvement. Poor choices by children represent opportunities for them to be responsible and accountable for their actions and sharpen their problem-solving skills. Role-playing is a tool used during circle times to initiate and discuss conflict situations as they arise. Children are invited to problem-solve different ways to handle conflict.

Beginning with our youngest, children are asked to use their words to solve problems. Our older preschoolers are encouraged to talk through their problems with other students, with a teacher mediating as necessary. Kindergartners regularly discuss social problem-solving and conflict resolution, and help their younger friends work through challenges.