Specials & Outdoor Activities


Bala House preschool and kindergarten students attend art, music and gymnastics classes on a weekly basis. These classes, which are taught by accredited specialists, include singing and rhythm; experience with various art media, such as clay and collage; and gymnastics and motor development. These programs give meaning and dimension to our program. Kindergarten students also enjoy weekly Spanish language instruction with our specialized Spanish teacher.


Outdoor Activities

Montessori Preschool Wynnewood PlaygroundMaria Montessori believed deeply in the power of children connecting with nature. Outdoor activity is an integral part of the Bala House Montessori program. We go outside every day that weather permits. Our staff shares a commitment to giving preschool and kindergarten children an understanding and respect for nature. Our outdoor surroundings, some of the most beautiful on the Main Line, provide a natural laboratory which strengthens the overall school experience. Our playground also encourages gross motor and social development through the use of large climbing equipment, slides, sand piles, running areas for games, mud kitchen, and loose parts area.

Realizing that free play in a nature-rich environment is important to young children, Bala House parents and staff built a mud kitchen, loose parts area, and a beanpole teepee during our annual Earth Day celebration. These new play areas foster creativity (mud, sticks, shells, can become anything!), problem solving skills (how to make soup thin or thick, how to make mud meatballs stick together), cooperative play opportunities (e.g. let’s cook dinner or have a restaurant), a growing affection for the elements that make up our earth – soil, stones, sand, and growing plants (leading to care for our planet). To see pictures of our extensive playground, please visit our Photo Gallery.